Dean WhiteVice President of Sales - California
    Knowing that my efforts can greatly impact the success of our clients and our company makes my job extremely rewarding here at Mostre.  Earlier in my work life, I once worked for a $2 billion company where I never really felt my efforts made much of any impact, however, at Mostre I come to work every morning knowing I have fellow employees and, as important, clients who are relying upon me.  I’m also fortunate to be surrounded by others here who also understand their role is as important in ensuring each exhibit project is managed to a level that exceeds a clients expectation.
    Every day and every project – whether it is a small portable exhibit or large island enviornment – is a new and different opportunity and comes with its own set of requirements and challenges for us to address and overcome.  Also, with many other organizations one may have just a single role, however, at Mostre being involved from the discovery stage, design, fabrication, and through to the completion of each exhibit provides me with a great sense of satisfaction, improves my industry knowledge, and allows me to be of greater value to our clients.

    Industry Experience:

    With over 20 years of experience I enjoy the creative nature of designing and building trade show exhibits. The constant change and innovation of fabrication techniques; working with Marcom people (come on, they are the most enjoyable people within any company organization to work with); dealing with anywhere from a Marcom specialist, Marcom Manager, Director of Marketing, VP’s and owners of companies; incredibly talented and motivated vendors who support us and our clients; deadlines (hey, I’ve never been able to push out a shows start date and deadlines help all involved); just when you think you understand nearly everything – you soon realize you don’t…so, you never stop learning; being able to travel and experience new cities when doing set supervision across the U.S.


    Favorite pastime:

    Spending time with my wife and son; wood working; fitness; travel; being at home; enjoying craft beer; patiently watching the SD Padres try to reach .500 ball; get-togethers with friends.

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