Jean Rudman

I really enjoy working with Mostre as I enjoy working with a team who really cares about customers and there projects the industry is great as it is dynamic and I enjoy managing the creation of [...]


Brennan Curtis

“My favorite aspect of working in this industry is being able to interact with so many different companies and other industries alike. I love being able to help increase their ROI through [...]


Mike Foster

I like the high pace of the trade show industry and getting to see and meet so many different people, all over the country.  I have the personality to act as a bridge between corporate America [...]


Dean White

Knowing that my efforts can greatly impact the success of our clients and our company makes my job extremely rewarding here at Mostre.  Earlier in my work life, I once worked for a $2 billion [...]


Bill Bates

I became president of Mostre in 2007.  To better serve our clients nationally;  particularly with the growth of rental exhibits in our industry, in 2014, we acquired Advent Exhibit’s in [...]



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